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New Jersey Sharing Network

Clinical Laboratory Expansion

NJSN is a non-profit, federally-certified organ and tissue recovery organization defined by STAT work and quick turnaround. Their increased workload and need to bring new instrumentation and protocols online triggered an expansion, reorganization and modernization of their clinical laboratory.

HERA worked with NJSN users to develop a feasible path forward, based on growth projections, phasing and budget. We also focused on ways a new lab could help streamline their processes.

At the conclusion of HERA’s programming and planning effort we designed 15,519 SF of flexible laboratories that meet Good Laboratory Practice and regulatory guidelines, accommodate growth in services and new equipment, and improve sample flow and control.

HERA planned and designed state-of-the-art clinical laboratories for infectious disease testing, high-volume ID testing, pre-amplification, molecular (post-amp), Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) typing, antibody testing, and flow cytometry. Other spaces include phlebotomy room, sample accessioning and blood bank.


New Providence, New Jersey


76,000 GSF


Laboratory programming, planning and design, equipment planning


Posen Architects

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