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Illinois Institute of Technology

Incubator at University Technology Park

IIT undertook a significant initiative to broaden the extent of its biomedical endeavors by integrating biomedical engineering and several related disciplines in a new campus complex— University Technology Park. The phased redevelopment of existing underused space in the Engineering Research Building and the Chemistry Research Building creates laboratory facilities, shared resources, and advanced instrumentation for teaching, research, and a wide array of entrepreneurial activities.

HERA participated in programming, developed laboratory concept design, and assisted in developing and reviewing cost data and project narratives for IIT’s incubator. The incubator, co-located with IIT biomedical and chemical engineering research labs, is a state-of-the-art facility that provides move-in ready laboratory space for more than 30 startup companies focusing on life sciences, biotech, engineering, materials, and chemical research to take their innovations to the next level. The incubator features 19 wet labs all with adjacent furnished office space, 9 dry labs, and 6 furnished office suites. Sophisticated infrastructure includes sink with hot/cold/RO water and eyewash; natural gas, compressed air and vacuum on bench top; fume hood with variable volume control; shared equipment rooms with centrifuge, autoclave, glass washer, refrigerator, and freezer; conference and break rooms; backup generators; and 24-hour security.


Chicago, Illinois


33,000 GSF


Programming and laboratory planning


Cannon Design

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