Eastern Illinois University

Physical Science Building Master Plan

A 2010 Master Plan Update proposed funding priority for a new 175,122-sf science building to include the chemistry and biology departments which needed additional new space. Initial funding is allocated to renovations of the existing Physical Science Building which currently houses chemistry, geology/geography, physics and psychology.

This planning study includes detailed program requirements and utilization analysis to reconcile departmental space needs with space available— understanding that chemistry will ultimately move out and other departments, including nursing, will expand into the remaining space. The study also provides existing conditions assessment to determine suitability for renovation, general architectural code analysis, conceptual planning to define a sequencing strategy for implementing near term and future phased renovations, and a conceptual cost estimate (non-escalated) of the proposed renovations. Goals included: enlarge labs to appropriate space per student; increase number of students per lab; enhance safety and functionality; co-locate intensive lab uses; and create visible impact, shared interdisciplinary common areas, and space for “science on display.”

The existing 4-story Physical Science Building was built in two phases— the original building was built in 1937, the north and south wings and lecture hall in 1969. The building is in good condition overall for a facility of this age, but many systems are outdated and in need of repair. The building is eligible for Historic Register.

The master plan goals require expansion into occupied space. Without adequate swing space, phased renovation options include: waiting until chemistry moves out, psychology moves out in part or in whole, or renovate non-phase dependent spaces and phased dependent as swing space becomes available.


Charleston, Illinois


121,000 GSF


Existing conditions assessment, programming, utilization analysis, conceptual laboratory planning




Loebl Schlossman & Hackl