Doheny Eye Institute

Research and Office Building

The renovated three-story Doheny Eye Institute is needed to provide adaptable, flexible and versatile research laboratories and vivaria. Key elements within the research labs are adjustable to allow Principal Investigators to adjust their space after occupancy as their research evolves.

The 5,800-sf ground-floor vivarium (mice/rats and rabbits) includes holding rooms, procedure rooms, cage wash, and imagine lab and TEM, SEM labs. The area also includes a separate staff break room.

The 23,175-sf research laboratory allows for 10 PIs to have individual research labs, separated by glass walls. This allows for privacy and proprietary information to remain safe, while still allowing maximum visibility for safety and shared daylighting. Shared support space includes a laser lab, cold room, imaging, autoclave, microscopy, cellular & molecular biology lab and dark room.

The remainder of the facility includes a 220-seat conference area, offices and conference rooms.


Pasadena, California


95,571 gross square feet


Programming, laboratory planning and design


SWA Architects