Confidential Asian Government

New Health Sciences Authority Building

This project will consolidate and integrate Health Sciences Authority (HSA) functions into a single new facility to create a modern environment that captures efficiencies and promotes recruiting and retaining the best staff. HSA protects and advances national health and safety through specialized agencies: Center for Drug Evaluation, Institute of Science and Forensic Medicine, National Pharmaceutical Administration, and Product Regulation. In addition, the HSA is responsible for testing and storage of the nation’s blood supply for both daily and national emergency preparedness.

Bringing together these functions started with a rigorous program validation and Lean Six Sigma process that ultimately reduced the building size by 130,000 square feet. The new HSA building will comprise 28% laboratories requiring a high level of security for:

  • Illicit Drugs
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • DNA Biology
  • Medical Examiner autopsy, morgue and support
  • Analytical Toxicology
  • Food Safety
  • Trace Evidence
  • Pharmaceutical and Health Products Testing
  • Firearms and Toolmarks
  • Chemical Metrology
  • Questioned Documents
  • Shared lab support

The building is being designed to meet the country’s green certification and includes enough elevated green space to offset the building’s footprint.




828,821 GSF


Program validation, laboratory and MEP planning and design, equipment planning through construction


Architects 61 Basler & Hofmann