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Barrow Arctic Science Consortium

Global Climate Change Research Facility

The Barrow Arctic Research Center is situated in the most northern point of the continental United States approximately 200 meters from the Arctic Ocean. The facility’s programming and design meets the exacting requirements of the extreme polar environment and short construction season. This unusual facility provides laboratory and support facilities for university, private institution, and government agency research projects. Participants involved in the programming process included: NOAA, NSF, USFWS, NASA, USBLM, USGS, International Conference for Arctic Research Planning, Alaska Department of Fish & Game, San Diego State University, University of Alaska, University of Colorado, University of Oregon, University of Washington, Alaska Ocean Observing System, Mote Marine Laboratory, and the United States Arctic Research Commission.

The phased project houses some of the most respected scientists in the country along with cutting-edge technology to track and monitor the effects of the warming climate on all aspects of the arctic environment, such as the atmosphere, biology (terrestrial, freshwater and marine), chemistry, ecology, and geology.

The 21,000-sf Phase 1 main research building includes atmospheric radiation measurement (ARM) science lab, general atmospheric science lab, clean labs, cold lab, soiled labs, calibration lab, core cell culture lab, core PCR lab suite, core analytical chemical lab, and support space for sterilization and glasswash, environmental room, and electronics workshop. Additionally, laboratory and laboratory support spaces include an ABSL-3 for short-term holding of large native animals and incorporates a fresh sea water pumping system, holding tanks, and a necropsy suite.


Barrow, Alaska


130,000 GSF


Needs assessment, master planning, laboratory programming planning and design


LCMF (now UIC Professional Services)

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