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Conceptual Engineering

Conceptual engineering

We provide strategic and conceptual engineering design solutions for today’s high-performance science and technology facilities. We do this by defining the project’s “big idea,” the singular vision that defines the goals and expectations of the project. Projects with a defined big idea are demonstrably better at achieving lower first and life cycle costs.

Conceptual engineering allows us to provide the proper foundation to generate groundbreaking ideas, weighing the pros and cons of each prior to implementation with the ultimate goal of getting it right the first time. We seek a high-level understanding — the view from 30,000 feet — before we begin. What are the facility’s goals? What are the infrastructure requirements? How will it need to adapt over time? And, importantly, what is the look and feel?

Designing engineering systems from this view is particularly important for today’s science and technology facilities for multiple reasons:

  • A clear, early vision establishes engineering systems that are sustainable, maintainable and operable. The functional requirements for today’s facilities – the most complex and integrated in history – can be complex. No two facilities are alike, and each requires a specific, customized design solution.
  • This vision matches the engineering infrastructure to the available budget and vice versa. The cost of today’s facilities can cost hundreds of dollars per square foot for the engineering alone and represent the largest budget category for construction and operation costs. Ensuring design concepts align with budgetary goals reduces delays and funding challenges later in the project.
  • Engineering infrastructure requirements have a significant impact on architectural design solutions. Ignoring these expensive and complex systems until later in the project schedule compromises the “big idea” and leads to higher first and operating costs. Additionally, lack of initial planning often leads to mistakes or failure to account for spatial requirements of critical systems.

Why our clients love conceptual engineering

  • Creates engineering systems for the long haul
  • Grows technical concepts into innovative solutions
  • Provides effective and efficient MEP design strategies
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