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San Diego County
Medical Examiner and Forensic Center
San Diego, California

The Center is home to the County’s Medical Examiner, Veterinary Medicine and Environmental Health laboratories. Medical Examiner areas include 17 autopsy stations; homicide and teaching autopsy suite; tissue/organ harvest; labs for DNA, histology, toxicology, and anthropology; and a large instrumentation lab. Veterinary Medicine and Environmental Health features agricultural analysis and necropsy rooms for large and small animals, specialized labs such as BSL-3 virology and BSL-3 necropsy, entomology, insectary, parasitology, microbiology (aerobic, anaerobic, fungal), plant pathology, veterinary serology, histology and toxicology, and a DNA lab for identification of zoonotic and emerging diseases. This LEED Silver certified building is among the most technically sophisticated facilities of its kind in the United States.

Our services: Programming, basic services, equipment planning, additional services
Architect: Harley Ellis Devereaux


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