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Lansing Community College
Arts and Sciences Building Renovation
Lansing, Michigan

The College’s 150,000 SF building had been home to the Arts and Sciences Department since it opened in the 1960’s. After an assessment of class sizes, enrollment projections and teaching pedagogies, HERA mapped a plan to reinvent the building to serve the faculty and students with active, engaging and immersive space for the next several years.

The biggest challenge was to restack and renovate the STEM facilities while they remained in operation. HERA facilitated a series of on-campus workshops resulting in a plan to accommodate the Science Department with a variety of specialized, multidiscipline and flexible spaces. The new program includes biology, micro/molecular biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, anatomy and physiology, physics, planetarium/astronomy, computer science, geology/geography, integrated science lab/lecture spaces and multifunctional prep areas to serve both the teaching labs and support functions.

The plan also includes a unique science innovation lab where faculty can extend learning beyond the classroom by leading scientific activities that are creative and collaborative. The Integrated Project Delivery team completed the design-build project on schedule and within budget.

Size: 150,000 gross square feet

Architect: SHW Group