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North Carolina Research Campus
David H. Murdock Core Laboratory Building
Kannapolis, North Carolina

The 350-acre campus houses research space for a variety of disciplines focused on biotechnology, nutrition, agriculture, and health. As a collaboration among private businesses and universities, NC State University, NC A&T, UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC-Greensboro, and Duke operate research facilities on the campus. The Core Laboratory Building features Class 1,000 clean rooms, DNA analysis suites, immuno-bioassay lab, metabolomics lab, proteomics lab, fermentation facility; analytical chemistry labs, organic synthesis labs, clinical chemistry labs, radiochem lab, gamma radioisotope lab, a 25,000-gsf vivarium, 5,000-gsf animal imaging suite with cyclotron, cluster of vibration-sensitive imaging equipment, as well as conference, training, and administrative space.

Our services: Master planning, programming, laboratory and vivarium planning and design and construction administration assistance, and equipment planning.
Architect: Creech and Associates


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