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Barrow Global Climate Change Research Center
Barrow, Alaska

The Barrow Global Climate Change Research Facility (BGCCRF) provides laboratory and support facilities for university, private institution, and government agency research projects. The program included laboratory and laboratory support spaces for atmospheric sciences, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, biomedical sciences, cryoscience, general science, materials and cultural science, marine, freshwater and terrestrial biology, terrestrial and avian fauna, terrestrial physical science, marine costal engineering, marine fauna, marine physical science, and social science. Specific laboratories planned included atmospheric radiation measurement (ARM), general atmospheric science, clean labs, cold lab, soiled labs, calibration, core cell culture, core PCR suite, core analytical chemical, and an ABSL-3 for short-term holding of large animals as well as morgue and necropsy facilities.

Services: Laboratory Programming, planning and design
Architect: LCMF, LLC


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